About WildType

This concept was born in early 2019 as a simple idea: to make backpacker and low-budget trips easier to accomplish. We then realized that the same thing we were trying to potentiate (the tourism), has as well a strong impact on the environment. That is why we put both ideas together and WildType was born with a whole new perspective. In WildType we think that the best way to raise awarness about the ecological crysis is to make the affected places available for the tourism, enhancing direct contact with the problem and the people inhabiting those places.

But... what does "WildType" exactly mean?

​In science, the term wild-type (WT) refers to the naturally occurring genetic characteristics of the species. WT subjects serve often as the starting point of a research, aiming to understand the most basic aspects regarding their functions and properties.

We have chosen this name because we think it perfectly represents what we are trying to achieve here, to conserve and enhance the protection of the wilderness of the environment and all its living species and landscapes, to be able later to enjoy those creatures and places without them being affected by human activities.

Now, this big project has just started with a little step: this online shop. The profit made from every sale will be divided in two parts, one, sent for the ecoNGO/environmental institution of your choice and the other, to make possible the creation of this project, which we are currently developing.

Feel free to contact us to know more about it!

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